McDowell Church is a community following Jesus, learning to love.

No matter your circumstances in life, where you are or where you’ve been, you’re welcome here.

God’s love knows no boundaries. McDowell is a safe place to explore and take steps of faith. We believe the best kind of life is found in Jesus. And we believe that God’s Spirit has the power to transform us into the best version of ourselves.

Identity + Vision


Learn what we believe in.


Learn about how we gather as a community

We are a community following Jesus, learning to love.
We exist to love people and see them find new life in Christ.

What We Believe

What we all believe about God is one of the most important things about us. This is a safe community where you can explore and take steps of faith. McDowell’s foundational beliefs are centered around Jesus and the message we have about Him found in scripture. We believe there is one God who eternally exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe that God revealed Himself to us in human form, through the person of Jesus. And God set us right with Himself, He saved us, through the death and resurrection of Christ. God’s presence is always with us and among us through the Holy Spirit, who leads, guides, convicts, and encourages us. When we place our faith, our trust, in Jesus, we enter into a new kind of life empowered by the Spirit.


Sundays at McDowell are all about gathering as a community to turn our hearts and minds back toward God. We live in a world that pulls our attention in so many different directions – there is a lot competing for our attention and affection. Sunday worship is a community experience where we give our attention and affection to God.

The music we sing will awaken you and encourage you to celebrate and give thanks to God. You can also get familiar with the music by connecting with our Spotify channel here.

Most Sundays there are stations set up in the auditorium that allow each of us to respond to God in unique ways. There are candles we can light, which represent the light and presence of God in our life. A prayer wall gives us the opportunity to write out prayers or confessions. Communion elements (bread and juice) remind us of the sacrifice Jesus made to connect us with God.

The message from our teaching team is always based in Scripture and extremely relevant to our daily lives. You’ll be challenged and encouraged to further explore how faith in Jesus interacts with daily life.