We are better together.

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Why Groups?

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We believe small groups are one of the best environments to experience true community, growth, and the abundant life God has for us.

Start A Group

Starting a Group is easier than you think, and we’re always looking for new Groups to help others connect.

Starting a Group in 4 easy steps:

    1. Sign up to lead or host a Group
    2. Iron out some details (who/what/when)
    3. Get support and ideas from our team
    4. Invite your friends!


What are groups?

Groups are gatherings of 3 or more that meet during the week in homes, at McDowell, online, and around the valley to build authentic friendships, pray for one another, and take next steps in following Jesus. Can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. Can be around a shared interest or hobby, book, or Sunday sermons. Groups are unique because people are unique, and we have different ways of growing together in Christ.

How do I find the right group?

Start with one of the options we’ve listed above, or consider starting a group! Ask your friends where they’ve connected, or provide some info and we will help point you in the right direction ([email protected]). And you can always try one and then find a different group in the next session if it isn’t a great fit.

Am I committing for life?

No. We have two primary seasons of Groups that are the best on-ramps (and off-ramps) for you: Fall and Spring. The Fall session begins September 11 and the Spring session will begin in January. Some Groups do have multiple studies you could jump into throughout a semester, but most Groups follow these initial dates.

Do you have childcare?

We have childcare available for a few of our groups including Re | Engage and Women’s Wednesday AM Bible Study. If you’re interested in using childcare for your Group, fill out a form HERE:

Other questions?

Email [email protected] and we will get back to you soon!

Why Groups? 

When Jesus imagined the church and what it could become, we think He envisioned a combination of both larger and smaller gatherings. Sunday mornings are incredible at McDowell, but we see them as a launching pad into smaller groups. Groups are how we go from rows on Sunday mornings to circles throughout the week, where we can grow together, encourage one another, make Christ-centered friendships, and find the support and prayer we need for following Jesus in our everyday lives.

No matter where we’re at on the journey, what challenges we face, whether extraverted or introverted - we are better together. Both the joys and challenges are better when we have people that care about us and and help shape us into a community, following Jesus, learning to love.

It can be intimidating to jump into community with others. Truth be told, community can be messy. Relationships take work, they require us to commit to one another and show up even when it’s hard. But we believe it's worth it.

Whether its around the dinner table, at a coffee shop, virtually via Zoom or the YouVersion app – or even on the mountain trails – we know there’s a place for you here.