We exist to love people and see them find new life in Christ.


Theology of Giving

How to

Directed Giving

Theology of Giving

We’re a community following Jesus, learning to love. We exist to love people and see them find new life in Christ. The ministry of McDowell.church is fully supported by the tithes and offerings of its generous community. We teach biblical generosity, which began with the principle of the tithe (giving the first 10% of your income to the mission of the local church) and expanded to include radical, sacrificial giving above and beyond that first 10%.

We believe that “growing in the grace of giving” is not the product of guilt or coercion. Rather, it flows from a heart that has truly been transformed by the gospel. By giving, we become a part of God’s mission to redeem and restore the world.

McDowell partners with local and global organizations in order to expand our own worldview and further the work of God beyond our own community. We do this through financial and relational connection.

How to Give

• Smart Giving: Set up secure recurring or one-time gifts on our mobile or desktop website. Simply visit mcdowell.church/give on your mobile device or computer to get started.
• Traditional Giving: While attending one of our weekend services, use the offering boxes located in the back of the auditorium. You are welcome to drop checks there and envelopes are available for cash. Many people also set up recurring giving through their bank’s ‘bill pay’ features, which sends a check or direct deposit to McDowell on a regular basis.
• Gift Matching: Many employers offer donation matching programs, which can maximize your giving to McDowell.

Directed Giving

• Non-Cash Giving: You can donate non-cash gifts like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.

•Qualified Charitable Distributions: You can direct all or part of your required minimum distribution from your IRA.

• Donor Advised Fund: Donation to a fund for which you may advise regarding fund distributions.

• Legacy Giving: As a member of McDowell, you have committed to a journey of knowing, loving, and serving God as you grow in your faith. A gift to McDowell is one way of furthering your lifetime commitment and stewardship by remembering the church in your will or trust or as the designated beneficiary of another asset. A legacy gift is a way to provide support to the church’s mission and ministries in the future.


If you have questions regarding directed giving, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call 480-314-2400 and ask for Florentine.